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The Tilak Chronicle welcomes contributions in the form of opinions, analyses, commentaries, feature stories, and narratives.

Contributions must be original and non- plagiarised.

We are open to all topics, fields, ideas and ideologies which are in the context of India and South Asia, with takeaways for our (currently, largely) Indian readership.

Articles in both, English (British spelling) and in Marathi, are welcome.Suggested word limit – 800 to 1000 words.Please give references wherever relevant.

Please hyperlink the references to the relevant text like this.

Please give titles for any tables, and captions and credits for any photos.

Please submit your writing in MS Word (.doc, .docx) format to publications@thetilakchronicle.com.

TTC accepts content previously published on media platforms and cites the source accordingly.

TTC does not accept content already published on personal blogs or social media platforms.

However, once published, the content can be shared on any blog/platform with the prior permission of The Tilak Chronicle & the author with the line “This was previously published on The Tilak Chronicle” and the TTC link of the article.

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