This is the first month of 2020. Though different people from various religions have different dates to commence the year, commonly we celebrate it as per the Gregorian calendar which is Jan to Dec. Generally, all of us take the review of past year based on the expectations set for self or from others. How many of those get completed? If no, why not? What difference can we bring in ourselves to be happier and more satisfied in the next year, so on and so forth.

We are very fond of making resolutions in this period. Based on our past year’s review we tend to set some goals and objectives for the coming year. We usually plan to start our resolution from the 1st of January. In most of the cases this intensity of setting a goal and continuing to follow it does not last for a long time and in the mid of the year we are ready with the resolution for next year.

Our mind is full of thoughts based on past actions and future predictions, sometimes we tend to miss the important ones and highlight the not so important ones. Our thoughts are inspired and derived by the actions happening in and around the situations we live in.

Hence some common resolutions that we list down for our self’s are exercising, increasing our competence to be more productive, meeting more and more people to increase our network, give more productive time to our family, staying connected with old friends, connecting with our hobby, etc. While fulfilling our personal desires we may un-intentionally hurt someone badly, which may last for a longer period. Hence this year lets plan something which will take us to the basic and worth noticing.

Mind is a cupboard like structure, God has created us in that way where we can certainly adjust everybody around us. Separate racks are reserved for our family, friends, our dreams, our fear, our work, our happiness, etc. It’s time to clear the earlier, empty, un-filled racks with the new people and feelings. This year let us try to make a bold resolution of being a good Human.

Some things can be practiced working on the ‘me’ self. These things will help us to go back to the basics and make one feel more satisfied.

  1. Being good to everybody: Despite somebody being important to you or not, believe in anybody coming in front of you is important and react accordingly.
  2. Listen more and talk less: Usually all of us listen incompletely in order to reply, but in the coming year listen more and speak less. This will definitely increase your empathetic approach, which will help you in your personal and professional life.
  3. Don’t expect outcome every time: Avoid putting your thoughts into the weigh scale to calculate what you will get in return. Some of your honest actions may not give you immediate results but will be an investment for your future.
  4. Rationalize your thoughts: Practically it is not possible to be present everywhere, hence focus on your areas of expertise and work on it accordingly so that you can gain most satisfaction. This will also work on your insecurities.
  5. Self-understanding: Understand yourself accordingly to what you exactly want. Set a justified limit to yourself and avoid stretching beyond your capacity, use your energy in the right way towards right things.
  6. Praise others: Tell others that they are doing a fantastic job, increase their motivation, let them go one level ahead.
  7. Minimalism:  Avoid being more demanding to yourself for the resources; plan your living in limited resources. Try to reduce your wants to the necessities and maximize your satisfaction level.
  8. Practice Ethics & Social Responsibility: Devote some time to help the deprived part of the society. It may be in the form of funds, time, services or concern. Document it and spread it in your circles for others to get motivated.
  9. Cut the objectives short: Too many objectives with a large scope are difficult to achieve and have high chances to deviate, and at end of the year you may feel empty. Hence cut your objectives in short so as to achieve it and get accomplishment.
  10. Be Happy and Satisfied: Mindful of the fact that there is no standard definition of being happy or satisfied, it will always depend upon the person and the situation. Try to fix up a definition for yourself and try to achieve the most.
Dr Meetali More

Dr Meetali More is Founder & Director of GuruKey Educational Solutions, and an Academician, Researcher & Industrial Psychologist.

The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Tilak Chronicle and TTC Media Pvt Ltd.


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