Successful Companies have the most important factor which differentiates them from others – Efficient Employees! 

Mantra for 100% Employee Productivity is – S.U.C.C.E.S.S. which is – Select, Understand, Coach, Cross-train, Execute, Scale, Succeed 

Followed correctly, this process has a potential to deliver unmatched employee satisfaction and productivity at the highest level for any employer. 

It is not difficult to achieve this, but it definitely takes a lot of commitment from senior management of a company to successfully implement these policies. Many a times, companies don’t understand this important factor and keep changing their business strategies and wonder why they are not being successful. 

The current pandemic situation has demonstrated that employees are the real capital of any company. With the focused approach and dedication by the employees, there are many success stories during the work from home scenario. 

Following components have a major impact on Employee Productivity inside an organisation –

1. Clear Vision and Mission Identified –
It is important to state a company’s purpose of existence inside the company premises. It reminds its employees about the vision and mission and align their performance with company’s interests.

2. Hiring the Right Talent –
One of the critical business functions is right recruitment. It decides whether there is a success or failure in company’s functioning. If a company is able to hire right, the result is significantly bright. At the same time if there is wrong hiring, the costs are significant too. It does in company’s bottom line profitability, wastes a lot of management time, diverts company’s route to non-productive discussions.

3. Understand Personality Traits within Employees –
When we hire, we shouldn’t always look for skills only. There should be a personality fit too. Most of the companies often miss this crucial point. It then results in failure even though the resource is good technically.

4. System to keep track of skills of Employees –
This is a necessary initiative to understand and record the ability of our workforce. This is essential when the company is making a sales pitch. This data provides a confident sales pitch to execute a new work or a project. It also benefits in streamlining recruitment efforts.

5. Training Programs at Regular Intervals –
It is necessary to provide employees a right learning environment by arranging new technology trainings, Yoga sessions, personality development training, refresher training for their work, etc. It creates a learning culture inside an organisation benefiting the employee productivity ultimately.

6. Skills Updating Initiatives –
In today’s dynamic business scenario, only thing constant is “Change”. We need to prepare our employees to embrace the changes in technology, work methodology and business environment. A company should encourage and have policies to make employees opt for certifications in their respective domain. It ensures the efficient skills updation which adds value to the company functioning.

7. Accurate Performance Measurement and Rewards Program –
Employees love to be recognised in efforts they put in for the company. It motivates them to stretch themselves and perform even better. A company needs to have right tools and rewards for performing members. As we know, there is no better equity for a company than motivated and happy employees.

8. Career Growth for Employees –
Growth environment for employees in terms of their career is a promise every company makes to their employees while hiring. Company needs to lay out a clear growth path for every employee and make a focussed effort in their career growth. It benefits the company and the employee resulting in a better workplace.9. Social Media Impact –
This is the most recent and most significant factor in today’s work area. Mobile phones and social media attraction impact productivity to a greater degree. There are research papers indicating the same and all companies need to make employees focus on their work by controlling social media and smart phone usage. It will drive success significantly.

Mr Sandip Dhurat

Mr Sandip Dhurat is a BE+MBA qualified business person with 18+ yrs of Corporate Experience. He has authored 9 books on various topics which have been published on Amazon Kindle.

The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Tilak Chronicle and TTC Media Pvt Ltd.


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