We are surrounded by social media nowadays and many times we find ourselves thinking and shaping our thought process as per the posts we read on it. Thus social media is definitely a big influencer and this particular factor attracts marketers to advertise on the platform. Thus it is important to discuss this topic in the current context.

This is particularly true during the current pandemic situation where the customers are mostly online and have access to social media more than before. The consumers are bombarded with advertisements in multiple forms due to the dynamic nature of todays media.

The question is, does advertising in today’s world positively impact the consumer or makes them feel overburdened due to the constant pressure from various media sources?

Suppose you want to listen to music or watch some videos and you logon to a video streaming website and while you are expecting the song to start, you see some product advertisement which is totally out of context to the product itself. You just wait to click the “Skip Ad” button and decide in your mind to not buy the product again. All of us may have also observed that there is no sense to playing these Ads. So every time it is repeated the brand is actually losing customers than gaining brand equity. 

In today’s world of Artificial Intelligence, there is no common sense (forget about intelligence) applied to selecting the Ad to be shown. If you contact the site to remove the Ads, they will send you a costly subscription plan. Subsequently the customers decide to switch the streaming platform. For some videos such as prayer songs, there are 2-3 ad breaks which interrupt the video and those Ads run for good 5-6 minutes. It is surprising how “Ad Experts” fail to measure the customer sentiments. If there is an honest survey for the ad campaigns run on streaming websites, surely it will be a negative result. It will be an eye-opener for some brands who lost consumer goodwill and brand equity despite of spending so much amount on advertising online. Just that, they spent it on a wrong platform. 

This advertising strategy is non-sustainable. Marketers are creating information overload on customers and in that process no brand is getting registered in customer’s mind. So, everyone loses. 

There is also an oversight to advertisement quality nowadays. Gone are the days when we actually appreciated Ads for their creativity and picturization. The current work is just recycling famous movie dialogues as tag lines. It is a clear demotion that there is no creativity to come up with new slogans. Some ads even miss the basic marketing concepts. The result is customers are eager to close the ads rather than finding it engaging. 

In a nutshell, this experience to a customer is just “noise” and there is no interesting message. 

Perhaps, video streaming websites need to review their ad policies for quality of content and accurate placement – when the customer would see it with interest and not just “sell” more ad slots. It is a good strategy in the short term but as the effectiveness of such ads is quantified, the brands will move away from this idea.

So, what is the solution? 

Marketing is not bombarding consumers with a product’s ad commercials. It is to understand when the customer is in a right frame of mind to know about a product or service. The ad content should also be engaging where it generates interest in the consumers mind to not skip an ad. 

The main concept of objective for any advertisement should be well defined and should be the central theme of the campaign.

Artificial intelligence should be at work to decide when to flash a particular ad depending upon the content user is watching or listening to. 

For example, if an user if watching car review videos, AI should trigger a car sales ad which will be of interest to the consumer (and not the washroom cleaner ad shown currently!).

There are such simple and effective ways to better marketing. It will definitely improve consumer experience and benefit the brand making the online platform a true marketing partner for a brand. 

Mr Sandip Dhurat

Mr Sandip Dhurat is a BE+MBA qualified business person with 18+ yrs of Corporate Experience. He has authored 9 books on various topics which have been published on Amazon Kindle.

The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Tilak Chronicle and TTC Media Pvt Ltd.


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