About Us

About us

Our vision

TTC aspires to be a leading independent and intellectual platform through digital media. Just like bright and bold young Indians who are increasingly comfortable in their own skin, TTC looks at India and the world through an authentic Indian lens.

Our mission

TTC’s mission is to be a non-propagandist, non-partisan and nationalistic platform promoting fresh, assertive, and honest opinions on, and analyses of, the trends and challenges facing Indian society.

Why non-propagandist, non-partisan, nationalistic?

TTC draws inspiration from the many values and virtues of Lokmanya Tilak. Among other things, Lokmanya Tilak was a staunch nationalist who carried his message of self-rule across the length and breadth of the subcontinent, and envisioned India, with all its diversity, as one united entity. Fiercely independent, Tilak’s journalism was characterised by compelling reasoning, fearlessness and high intellect. These, combined with the ideals of democracy and authenticity, form the core of TTC’s conscience.

Non-Propagandist – Misinformation and fabricated news are among the biggest challenges faced by media globally. TTC firmly believes in democratisation of authentic information. TTC will publish opinions and analyses that are backed by well researched facts. It is not a mouthpiece for any political party, organisation or individual. TTC believes that propaganda in any form is dangerous and goes against the very essence of mass media.

Non-Partisan – TTC is a platform which brings together people of all ideologies to stimulate ideas for the greater good of the nation. The vastness and inherent diversity of India have created numerous, varied and sometimes diametrically opposite affiliations, ideologies and biases across fields. TTC aims to facilitate a dialogue between all these affiliations, ideologies and biases, while the platform itself will be free of them.

Nationalism – TTC encourages a “nation first” mindset, which actively promotes the interests of the people, environment, culture, economy, security, sovereignty and global position of India. It stands for nationalism which is inclusive of all sections of the Indian society, sensitive to their grievances, and appreciative of their diversity.

Our values


TTC promotes a “nation first” mindset and will always speak in national interest.
TTC is non-partisan and a platform for every voice, opinion, idea and expression geared towards India’s greater good.
TTC is analytical and hosts all opinions that are substantiated by facts.
TTC is assertive, bold and does not shy away from tough and honest questions and answers.
TTC looks at the world with an Indian perspective.


Commitment: TTC is committed, first and foremost, to its readers. Its organisational values and actions are reader-centric, and it aims to deliver diverse, authentic and quality content to its readers consistently.
Transparency: TTC will strive to maintain transparency and fairness in editorial and operational processes and systems.
Growth: TTC believes in growing each day across all parameters to create value for its stakeholders.
Efficiency: TTC will work continuously towards infusing efficiency in everyday operations, and delivering timely, accurate and quality results.
Flat Structure: TTC will have a free and fair working environment in which all team members will have the space to take initiative, express themselves and approach each other easily.
Accountability: TTC will be accountable to its readers, authors and investors for upholding its stated values.